Questions for Product

Since we are a registered member of Silk Mark Organization of India, we cannot and do not use any artificial fiber in the making of our merchandise. However in today’s times when technology is prevailing, it is almost very difficult to identify the purity of silk just by a physical touch. But a Burn Test is still useful. Take out a strand of thread from the saree and burn it. If it burns like hair and is down to ashes then it is pure fiber. But if it burns very rapidly and forms into hard material like a bead or stone, then the chances are that it is an artificial fiber.

Depending upon the lighting condition and the viewer’s device screen type, there would be a minor or noticeable difference in the color of the product.

The exact feel of merchandise depends on several factors. These include the technique of weaving used, the use of zari in motifs, the thickness of yarns, the finishing done on the merchandise,etc.

We strictly use pure reshamizari that is widely used in the pure silk sarees in Varanasi. We strictly condemn the use of any sort of imitation/plastic zari that is used in the making of artificial textile products.

But the Real Zarisaree that we make has pure silver content into it and is priced much higher than an average banarasi handloom sari. To book an appointment to view our Real Zarisection kindly go to the Real Zari Affaire option on the home page.

Primarily we recommend you not to iron the sarees directly. Store the sarees wrapped up in Muslin Cloth preferably. However the organza/korasarees can be stored in the form of a roll for greater longevity of the saree. You must only and only dry clean the sarees.

As our brand punch line says that EACH SAREE HAS A TALE BEHIND IT we like to maintain the exclusivity and prestige of our brand by making and selling that is created by none other than the team of Kaasi Weaves.

Payment query

Yes, Absolutely. All Credit/Debit card and bank details are kept confidential and private.

Domestic clients in India can pay through their Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking. International client can use their Credit Card.

Yes, absolutely. Feel free to email us on …. All customers within India can alternatively do bank transfers to us as well, the details of which shall be shared on your email upon your request. For customers based out of India we will guide you through the proceeds on your email.

In case you are compelled to pay more than once from your card due to any unforeseen server erorrs, please be assured that you will be charged only once. If in case the payment is debited twice, so the extra debited amount will be automatically credit back to your account. For this you can speak to your bank and also write to us at info@kaasiweaves.com.


*We assure you that all our shipments are sent using reputed courier agencies. Shipments within India are sent through DTDC or Blue Dart while for international shipments we use DHL.

*International shipments are delivered within 10-15 days. We will provide you with a tracking number to track your shipment online.

*Sorry, we don’t offer Cash on Delivery on our products.