1st to 31st March


An ode to the artisans of Banaras


A Quintessential Classic
Kaasi Weaves Banarasi Handloom Pure Silk Saree Green Silk Saree tilfi Katan Silk Saree wedding collection saree Banarasi saree bridal collection saree scared weaves weaving saree nakshaband weavers banarasi handloom kashi


"Handcrafted in Banaras by Kaasi Weaves"

Kaasi Weaves works with all natural fibres even combining techniques from different states for a single piece that has the essence of our land, designed by the artisans of Varanasi.

"You name it We have it"

Handwoven is Sustainable

We create handwoven sarees, fit for royals, which can be worn by the modern Indian woman, amplifying her natural beauty.

"From Us to You"

In this time, where we live in a pandemic swept world, glamour and beauty may be the last thing on our mind. But while we despair, racking our brains on how to help those hit hardest, buying a saree is unlikely to come to mind. With every saree purchased from the brand, the customer contributes to the artisan’s livelihood and family such that it can sustain them for almost a month. For the celebrations the pandemic has stolen from us, and for the ones we are sure to have when we are all safe again, the brand has collections for you that will go a long way in providing for our artists.

Message From CEO

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